CimEdit, Text, Editable .ctx Files

Text .ctx files are slower in operation than the binary .cim files. However, there may be times when you want to do a massive character search and replace, for example changing a tr in a Point ID to an RT. You can do this easily by saving the file as a .ctx file, opening it in a text editor such as Notepad and making your changes.

You save the .ctx file the same way you save a .cim file, except you select the (Text screens *.ctx) file format option.

Select the .ctx file encoding

  1. Click the CimEdit button .

The CimEdit menu opens.

  1. Click the Options button.

The Options dialog box opens.

  1. Select File.

  2. Check one of the three encoding options.

The options are:

Unicode (UCS-2)

Unicode (UTF-8)


  1. Click OK.

Result: Ctx files will be saved in the selected encoding.

More information

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