Step 5. Insert a Link Container on the new .cim Screen

  1. Open the LinkedSQUARE.cimrt screen.

Note: Make sure Runtime Only Screens (*.cimrt) is selected in the Files of type field in order to find the runtime-only screens.

  1. Select the object named Square on the runtime-only screen.

  1. Right-click Square to review its properties.

Result: The configuration for the source object is completely protected. The Properties - Object tab. There are no other tabs.

  1. Press Shift+Ctrl while dragging the object from Runtime_Link.cimrt to Link.cim.

Note: If Link named objects as default is checked in the Global Configuration dialog box, simply drag the object from the source to target screen.

Result: A link container is added to  Link.cim.

More information

Example: Create a link from a protected screen.