All Expressions for a Highlighted Object

Expression View provides an easy way to quickly review all of the expressions that may be associated with a selected object. This is particularly useful if the object is several levels down in a group. It enables you to avoid taking the time to open each group level to access the object's Properties dialog box in order to see the associated expressions.

  1. Select the group that includes the object to be reviewed.

Tip: Select the screen if you are not sure what group to select.

  1. Open the Expression View window.

Expression View displays the expressions for the selected object/group.

  1. Expand expressions in the list to find and select the object or group to be reviewed.

Note: Items that you select in the list are surrounded by a frame on the CimEdit screen.

  1. Do one of the following.


Click the All Expressions for Object button on the Expression View toolbar.


  1. Right-click the selected object.

  2. Select All Expressions for Object on the Popup menu.

Result: The Expression View window does the following.


Changes to the selected object display.


Displays the expressions associated with the selected object/group.

More information

2.3.1. Display expressions associated with an object.