2. Review the Point View Tree

When you open the Point View window you see a list of all the point ID's associated with the object you selected.

Expand/collapse the tree.

Icons in the Point View tree.

Expand/Collapse the Tree

Choose one of the following.

Tree Icons

  1. Click to expand the view.

  2. Click to collapse the view.


Click to collapse the view.


Click to expand the view.

Popup Menu

  1. Select any item in the Point View list.

  2. Click the right-mouse button.

  3. Select from the available expand/collapse options on the Point View Popup menu.

 Note: Currently, the Point View window does not display information about Point IDs used by scripts, variables, or ActiveX controls.

Icons in the Point View Tree

Point View displays the following icons to represent objects on the CimEdit/CimView screen.



Line object

Shape object


Note: Procedures display for base objects only, when there is a single object selected. They will not display if they are nested in a group.



More information

Point View in CimEdit/CimView.