Point View

CimEdit provides you with an invaluable editing tool, the Point View window.

Two major benefits are that Point View:

Eliminates guessing about what Point IDs you are using on your screen and with what items they are associated and

Speeds up editing time by letting you access any item's Properties dialog box with one easy click.


Open the Point View window.


Review the Point View tree.


Display options in the Point View window.


Make changes through Point View.


Open runtime tools through Point View.


Copy point lists to the Windows clipboard.


Currently the Point View window does not display information about Point ID's used by scripts, variables or CIMPLICITY ActiveX controls.

The Point Control Panel button and Quick Trend button display only when you open Point View through CimView; this includes testing a CimEdit screen.

The Select Objects Using Point button is enabled only in CimEdit.

More information

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