1.3.1. Invoke a Script (Basic Procedure)

  1. Select the object to which the script will be attached.

  2. Open the object's Properties dialog box.

  3. Select the Events tab.

  4. The fields are as follows.





Procedure name

Identifies the procedure being configured.


New button

(If an action already displays) click to activate the Action type field.


Invoke script

Action that invokes the selected CimEdit script.


Object Name

Name of object with which the script is associated.



Note: The object is named on the General tab of the Properties dialog box.

Default: <Event Trigger object>

When the script is invoked at run-time if you select:



An object name

the action looks first in the script of that object.



<Event Trigger object>

the action looks first in the script of the object whose event triggered the procedure.



In either case, if the entry point does not exist in that object's script, then the action looks for it in the script of that object's container, and so on, until it reaches the screen's script. If the entry point is not found, the action is skipped.



Script entry points available for the object are available in the drop down list.



Is enabled if the function returns a value that contains output arguments.

More information

1.3. Invoke the CimEdit script.