Point by Address in CimEdit

You can use points to reference data in CIMPLICITY software. CimEdit and CimView support both fully qualified and unqualified point addressing..

In many circumstances, you may want to view raw device information without the overhead of configuring a CIMPLICITY point. For example, you may want to view low-level diagnostic information, which is seldom used. You can do this through the use of Point by Address descriptions specified within a CimView screen file.

Point by Address descriptions provide a mechanism for storing the configuration for a CIMPLICITY point as an inline macro within a CimView document. When a user opens the document in CimView, the point is dynamically created in memory. When the user closes the document, the point is dynamically removed from memory.

Point by address restrictions

Point by address security

Point by address configuration

Point by address syntax

Point by address restrictions

Because Point by Address descriptions only exist while they are being viewed, they have the following restrictions:

They may only be used in applications, like CimView, which directly display point data.

They cannot be alarmed.

They cannot be logged.

They cannot be used in the configuration of another point.

They cannot have engineering units conversion.

In deciding whether to use a Point by Address description, also consider the following:

Because they are created and destroyed dynamically, Point by Address descriptions do not take up memory while they are not in use. However, there is a small delay during startup for these points to be created.

Because the configuration of a Point by Address is specified in the CimView document rather than the CIMPLICITY project, changes to Point by Address configuration will be more complex.

In general, a point that is frequently used or is referenced by multiple CimView screens should be configured as a CIMPLICITY point. For diagnostic information, which is seldom used and is included in only one screen, a Point by Address is appropriate.

Point by address security

Because the Point by Address feature could potentially give users complete access to any portion of your device memory, this feature is protected by a special privilege. Users who are assigned roles that have the Point by Address privilege disabled will be unable to read or write Point by Address data.

You may also use the CIMPLICITY Setpoint Security feature to enforce read access on Point by Address data. For this purpose, the resource used will be the resource of the CIMPLICITY device from which the Point by Address is collected.

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