Overview of Available Features for XY Plots

You can choose to display or hide:

Display feature

Choose to Display or Hide

Ticks and numbers

For the Y-axis

For the X-axis




Each line


Entire legend

Series legend

Slider legend

Legend features

Specific features:


Series' value at the slider

Series' value at an index

Slider's value

Axes One or more X or Y


You can also specify how the chart's many display features will appear.

Display feature

Other Configuration Options


Change for several chart elements.


Display the associated point or expression data.


Add or remove.


Add or remove.


Change the style and size.

You configure this powerful feature in CimEdit and display it in CimView. The XY Plot is an ActiveX control that you can configure as follows.

  1. Insert the control into a CimEdit screen.

XY provides an XY toolbar button that you simply click.

  1. Configure the chart's design.

A CIMPLICITY Plot Control dialog box provides a long list of design choices.

  1. Specify runtime data criteria.

XY comes with XY properties and methods that you can use in scripts to manipulate runtime. You can also design the chart by using scripts in addition to, or instead of, the CIMPLICITY Plot Control dialog box.

If you want to begin with a chart that is pre-configured, you can take advantage of the XY Plot SmartObject .

More information

About XY plots.