XY Plot SmartObjects

XY provides you with an XY Plot SmartObject that streamlines your XY chart design time and enables you to enter data into the plot control by simply entering the point ID's and /or expressions that you want to plot. There is no scripting involved.

To create an XY chart using an XY Plot SmartObject, you simply:

  1. Place the XY Plot SmartObject in your CimEdit screen.

  2. Make a few quick entries on the tabs of the XY Plot SmartObject dialog box. The tabs let you configure the XY chart's:



Name and colors.


When you complete your initial configuration, you can continue at any time.

  1. Double click the XY Plot Control to re-open the XY Plot SmartObject dialog box.

  2. Click the right mouse button to display the popup menu that leads you to the CIMPLICITY XY Plot Control Properties dialog box. .

More information

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