Step 2. Specify the X or Y-axis Name and Limits

  1. Enter a name for the axis in the Name field.

When you click Apply , the name will replace Axis0 in the Axis box.

  1. Check the Visible check box to display the axis on the XY Plot.

  2. Enter an axis title in the Title field.

  3. Check the Visible Title check box to display the title you entered on the XY Plot.

  4. Enter a Lower and/or Upper limit if you want either to be different from the default of 0 and 100.

  5. Specify how the axis should scale during runtime, as follows:

Scale Selection

During Runtime


The limits remain fixed to the values entered in the Lower Limit and Upper Limit fields.


XY automatically change the axis limits each time a value goes above or below the existing limit.


Scrolling is activated to accommodate values above or below the specified limits.

  1. Check the Ticks checkbox to display ticks on the axis being configured.

  2. Enter the number of ticks to display. The default is 2.

More information

Configure the XY Plot SmartObject axes.