Option 2.2.4. Define and Inherit Variables in the Navigation Hierarchy

(All action types)

Variables can be entered at any level in the Navigation hierarchy and a selected node can inherit variables from parent nodes.




Inherit variables

  1. Variables

A node can include variables whose values can be used for that node and inherited by child nodes.

  1. Select Variables in the left pane for the selected node.

  2. Do one of the following.

Click Edit>Add on the Navigation Configuration Editor menu bar.

Right-click Variables; select Add on the Popup menu.

Right-click the right pane; select Add or Insert on the Popup menu.

An Add Parameter dialog box opens.

  1. Enter the following.




Unique name


A variable value.


A variable is a string type.


If you have assigned a value to a selected screen and that value is different from the value in the Navigation Editor, the follow will occur based on your configuration.

The Screen

The value assigned at the:

Does not inherit values

Screen level will display.

Does inherit values

Navigation Configuration Editor level will display.

If a child screen can inherit variables from the parent, all of the variable values that are listed in the Navigation Configuration Editor will be applied to all of the same variables on the screen. It is important to make sure that variables that should not be inherited are not listed with variables that should be inherited.

Tip: If the value on the screen must be unique, it is safer to make the variable name unique to that screen. That way there will never be a chance that the value will be inherited.

  1. Inherit Variables

A selected node can inherit the variables entered for parent nodes in the navigation hierarchy.

Select one of the following in the Inherit variables field in the Configuration Editor right pane for the selected node.


Inherits variables from parent nodes in the navigation path up through the node that does not allow variables to be inherited.


The selected node will not inherit variables from parent nodes.

Note: Since the root node has no parents, select  No for that node. (Yes is meaningless.)



More information

Step 2.2. Define the extended menu nodes.