Step 3.1. Review CIMPLICITY Class Attributes

When you select the Attributes tab in the Class dialog box the default CIMPLICITY attributes display in the list control box.

 Note: The first character in CIMPLICITY class attributes is a $.

Default CIMPLICITY attributes begin with $.

When a class developer enters a value for the attribute, the value serves as the default for the corresponding data item(s) and/or in the Object dialog box in which a object designer enters values.

CIMPLICITY class attributes are:

Class Attribute

Provides the:


Base address for data items.

Note: $ADDRESS can also be used to support address adjustment expressions.


Default alarm class for data items with alarms.

If not specified: Alarms will not be created for the data items (object points).

Note: The class developer can change $ALARM_CLASS from Optional to Required to override this default behavior.


Default description for all data items.


Default Device ID for all data items.


Default engineering units label for all data items.


Default security level for all data items.


Default Resource ID for all data items.


Default Screen ID for all data items.


Displays static objects that cannot be modified on the object configuration screens. The objects display as disabled.

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Step 3. Configure class attributes.