Step 4.1. Create a Data Item

Each new data item represents a CIMPLICITY point definition. Points are created when an object is created. The points are associated with the object.

  1. Select the Data Items tab in the Class dialog box.

  2. Click New.

A New Data Item dialog box opens.

  1. Fill in the fields as follows.

Field / Radio Button


Data Item

A unique name for the data item.

The data item template will become a point for a class object.

The Data Item ID:

Is limited to 16 characters.

Can be composed of

Uppercase alphabetic characters,

Numeric characters and


Must begin with an alphabetic character.

Cannot contain spaces.


Selected device or virtual data item definition will become a device or virtual point.


Selection for Data item class will be the point's class for an object.

  1. Click OK.

Result: The Data Item dialog box opens. The available tabs and options in the dialog box depend on your Type and Class selections.

Note: You can also duplicate an existing data item and modify it.

More information

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