Step 5.2. Write a Class Script through the Scripts Tab

You can write a class script by:

Creating a new class script

Modifying an existing class script.

Duplicating an existing class script and modifying the duplicated script.




Open a new Script Name dialog box.


Open the CIMPLICITY Program Editor.


Duplicate script's properties


Delete the script.

  1. Open either a New Script name dialog box or display a selected script in the Program Editor.

  2. Write or modify the script as you would any CIMPLICITY script.

  3. Save the modifications.

  4. Close the CIMPLICITY Program Editor window.

Result: The script immediately appears in the Workbench Scripts folder as:



Class$ is the name of the class to which the script belongs.

Scriptname.bcl is the name entered in the New Script Name dialog box.

You can modify the script either through the Scripts folder or through the Class dialog box.

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Step 5. Write class scripts.