Series 0i - Model A/B/C CNCs

Series 0i CNCs have the following requirements and options.

Required Series 0i – Model A/B/C software.

Required software and options.

HSSB board options.

Ethernet board options.

Optional software and options.

Required Series 0i - Model A/B/C Software

System 0i -MA

D401-1 or later

System 0i - MB

D4A1-1 or later

System 0i - MC

D4B1-1 or later

System 0i -TA

D601-1 or later

System 0i - TB

D6A1-1 or later

System 0i - TC

D6B1-1 or later

Boot 0i - MA

60M4-1 or later

Boot 0i - MB

60M5-1 or later

Boot 0i - MC

60M5-6 or later

Boot 0i -TA

60M4-1 or later

Boot 0i - TB

60M5-1 or later

Boot 0i - TC

60M5-6 or later

100MB Ethernet Executive 0i-B

6567-v07 or later

100MB Ethernet Executive 0i-C

656W-v1 or later

IMPORTANT: 0i-A HSSB ONLY; 0i-B HSSB and/or Ethernet; 0i-C Ethernet ONLY.

Required Software and Options

Drivers & Library Option Bit HSSB


Drivers & Library Option Bit Ethernet

A02B-xxx-S707 Where xxx is dependant on the CNC type.

HSSB Board Options

0i-A HSSB Board

A02B-0236-J203 (CNC Side)

A20B-8001-0582/0583/960/961 (PC Side)

0i-B HSSB Board

A02B-0281-J207 (CNC Side)

A20B-8001-0582/0583/960/961 (PC Side)

Ethernet Board Options

0i-B Ethernet Board

A02B-0281-J299 or A02B-0281-H020

0i-C Ethernet Board

A02B-0309-J299 or A02B-0309-J146

Optional Software and Options

Basic Operation Package 1 (BOP)

Basic Operation Package Option Bit


Parameters for Open Systems Software

The recommended parameters for Drivers and Libraries are:




0 Bit 0


TV check.

3201 Bit 2


Deletes the existing program before downloading a new program.

3201 Bit 6


M02, M30, and M99 is program end.

More information

GE Fanuc HSSB and Ethernet Control Requirements.