Series 300i / 310i / 320i - Model A CNC

Series 300i/310i/320i - Model A CNC has the following requirements and options:

Required Series 300i/310i/320i software.

Required software and options.

HSSB board options.

Ethernet board options.

Optional software and options.

Required Series 300i/310i/320i Software

At the time of this release, the 300i/310i/320i series of CNC controls were brand new and features were continually being added to the controls. Although the 300i/310i/320i  series supported HSSB and Ethernet from version 01, due to the rapid feature addition it is recommended that you contact GE Fanuc CNC parts to verify that you have the latest CNC, PMC, and Ethernet executives.

Required Software and Options

CNC option for HSSB


CNC option for Ethernet

A02B - xxxx - S707

The xxxx is dependent on the CNC type.

HSSB Board Options

HSSB Board

Stand Alone type 300i/310i/320i

Built in to main CNC unit



Optional add on Second Port Board A02B-0303-J202


LCD Mount 300i/310i/320i

Optional add on Second Port Board A02B-0303-J202

PC Side Boards

A20B-8101-0162 or A20B-8101-0163

These are proprietary to the 300i/310i/320i.

Ethernet Board Options

Built-in Ethernet Port

656E & 656F





Optional Software and Options

None – BOP1 does not support the 300i/310i/320i Series CNC Controls.

More information

GE Fanuc HSSB and Ethernet Control Requirements.