Step 2. Select Conversion to S90 Triplex Project Options

Select conversion options are as follows.



Project to Convert

Select a project using S90 Redundancy or Series 90 Ethernet communication options.


Opens an Open dialog box to find and select the project to be converted.

Click Open to select the project .gef file

Backup Current Project

(Recommended) Check to create a copy of the current project configuration.

Enter Backup Directory

Select the directory in which the backup project folder will be placed.

This directory must be different from the directory in which the selected project is located.


The SNORTH project directory is in the Projects directory.

The backup project directory will also be named SNORTH.

Therefore, the backup project needs to be in a directory that is different from the Projects directory.


Opens a Directory browser to find and select the backup directory.

Click OK to select the folder in which the backup project will be placed.

Result: The CIMPLICITY project is ready for conversion.

More information

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