S90 Triplex Communications Device Conversion

The S90 Triplex communications device is a powerful, easy-upgrade for the S90 TCP/IP device communications.

Step 1

Open the Convert Project to Series 90 Triplex dialog box.

Step 2

Select Conversion to S90 Triplex project options.

Step 3

Convert the Project to use an S90 Triplex communications device.

This utility will successfully convert most projects to use Series 90 Triplex.


The Series 90 Triplex option must be selected and loaded when CIMPLICITY is installed.

You cannot convert an Ethernet Global device (EGD) in your configuration the project will not be converted.

If you have a cable redundant Series 90 TCP/IP device communication interface with a cable redundant PLC each cable redundant PLC will be converted to Simplex PLC device model.

Please review the Series 90 Triplex documentation to determine additional setup requirements for your application.

Unused ports will be deleted as part of the conversion.

Diagnostic points specific to the Series 90 Communication options are not modified.  They will be invalid points when the project is converted.

More information

   About Series 90 TCP/IP Triplex