Step 2.2. Specify the Historian Server and Users

  1. Select the Historian tab in the Project Properties dialog box.

There are two sections on the Historian tab. The section is enabled if its corresponding OPC Interface is selected.

Historian Tab Section Enabled

Select to Enable

Historian Data Server

Historian OPC Interface

Historian Alarm Server

Historian OPC A&E Interface

Both sections are enabled when both interfaces are selected on the General tab in the Project Properties dialog box.

  1. Enter specifications for each enabled server as follows.




Name of the server that Historian is on.



Name of the Local Server.

Important: If the Historian Server is different from the Local Server, replace the local server name with the name of the Server that Historian is on.


Valid Historian user name.

If the name is not recognized by Historian, the logging will fail.

Guideline: This entry is not always required. Instances when an entry should be made include:

The Historian Server and users who log into that server are different from the CIMPLICITY Server and users.

A user who is logged into the Historian Server may not have all of the privileges required to manage logging CIMPLICITY data. An entry in this field can specify a user with administrator privileges.


Password required for the specified Historian user.

If the password is incorrect, the logging will fail.

OPC User

CIMPLICITY User who will have access to the corresponding OPC Server.




  1. Click Test to test the connection with Historian.

Messages display the failure reason or success.

Test Result


The Historian server is incorrect or not available.

Failed to connect to the Historian server.

Historian does not recognize the user name or password.

The configured user does not have permission to write to Historian.

Connection succeeds.

Connected to the Historian server.

  1. (Optional) Click Migrate to open the Historian Migration Utility and migrate data in SQL databases to Historian.

Note: The Historian Migration Utility is also available through the CIMPLICITY Database Logger.

  1. (Historian Data Server only) Check or clear Overwrite to do the following.


Overwrite tag descriptions that already exist in Historian.


Do not overwrite tag description that already exist in Historian.

Important: You can revise tag definitions, e.g. data type, in Historian. However, if Overwrite is checked, the changes will be overwritten when the Historian log is updated. However, collection criteria are not overwritten.

More information

Step 2. Enable the Historian OPC interface(s).