Proficy Historian Migration


Historian migration configuration steps


When you update CIMPLICITY logging to use the Proficy Historian logging database, you can preserve previously logged data by using the Proficy Historian Migration tool.

The Proficy Historian Migration utility migrates all or selected data from the previously used log database, e.g. CIMPLICITY SQL, to Historian.

Tables that can be migrated are:




You can migrate as many records that the Historian license permits.

Tables that cannot be migrated include:

SPC tables


Historian Migration Configuration Steps

Migration is straightforward.

When you open the Historian Migration tool, you open a migration session. You specify what data you want migrated. When the data is migrated and you close the Historian Migration tool, the migration session is ended. If all of the data you want to migrate has been migrated you may not use the tool again. If there is more data to migrate, you can simply, re-open the tool, select your criteria and migrate your selection.

Note: The previously used database will not be removed after migration.

Step 1

Open the Historian Migration tool.

Step 2

Select data to migrate

Step 3

Enter advanced migration specifications

Step 4

View log files

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