Read a Value

Read a value prompts for an address string, and then attempts to read a value from that address in the currently selected device. Values are reported in floating point, decimal, and hexadecimal format. You must know what type of data to expect to properly interpret the read results.

For example, reading an Analog Input might return:

Read 4 bytes, Value is 260.000000 1132593152 (0x43820000)

Because this is a floating-point value, only the first value (260.0) is meaningful.

Reading an integer value such as an Internal Integer (ADI) might return:

Read 2 bytes, Value is 0.000000 12346 (0x0000303a)

In this case, because the ADI is an integer value, the 0.0 is meaningless and the correct value is the decimal integer 12346.

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