Installation Verification Procedures

You can use the N2 Diagnostics program, n2_diag.exe, to verify hardware installation and network operation.

To run the N2 diagnostics, execute the following command:

n2_diag.exe <port>

where <port> is the name of the port connected to the N2 bus.

For example, if your N2 bus is attached to COM2, execute:

n2_diag.exe COM2

The N2 Diagnostics menu displays:


N2 Diagnostics menu


1) Probe N2 network

2) Select a device

3) Parse an address

4) Dump XT config.

5) Read a value

6) Write a value

7) Turn on tracing

8) Turn off tracing

9) Dump statistics

0) Quit diagnostics

Use the numbers at the left to select options. You are prompted for other parameters as needed. The options are briefly described in the following sections.

More information

Probe N2 network.

Select a device.

Parse an address.

Dump XT configuration.

Read a value.

 Write a value.

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