OMRON TCP/IP Communications Validation

You can use the OMRON TCP/IP Diagnostics program to check the basic configuration, cabling and operation of your network without running a CIMPLICITY project. You can use this program to read and write data from and to a specified OMRON programmable controller. A single value (channel or timer/completion bit) is transferred at a time.

To start the OMRON TCP/IP Diagnostics program, click on the OMRON TCP/IP Diagnostics icon in the CIMPLICITY project's Workbench.

The OMRON TCP/IP Diagnostics dialog box opens with default parameters selected.

The top section of the dialog contains fields for setting the source node information (information on your computer's location on the network) and for selecting a UPD service (port number) for communications. A display only field in the center of the dialog displays error and status information. Below the status message field are fields you can use to specify PLC Address, Data Address and Data Values for read and write testing.

More information

Open a communication socket.

Select a target programmable controller.

Read data.

Write data.

Diagnose communication problems.

Close Communication Socket and/or Changing the Service Name/SNA/SA1 Setup.

Exit the Diagnostic Program.

About OMRON TCP/IP Communications.