Step 3.3. Select OPC Item

OPC item information is required for the OPC Client configuration.

Note: Click the Browse button to the right of the Address field in the Device Point Properties dialog box to open the OPC Item browser.

Vendor Filter

Enter the criteria to use to filter the item ID's displayed in the OPC server name space.

Similar to a Find procedure, items that contain the entered criteria will pass the filter.

Important: Filtering is OPC Server vendor-specific, e.g. if the OPC Server does not support filters, nothing will happen.

Apply Filter Button

Click this button to filter the OPC items specified in the Vendor Filter field.

Apply filter to:

Check either of the following.



Only branches that contain the filtered items will be listed.



All of the branches are listed. However, only branches that contain the filtered items can be opened.

OPC Server Namespace

Lists the OPC item information in a  tree format.

The generated tree is the result of calls into the OPC server.

Expand each level to find the item ID you want.

Selected Item ID

Displays the item ID you selected from the OPC server name space list.


Displays the status of the last operation.

More information

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