OPC Alarm and Event Server Technical Notes

Redundant environments.

DCOM configuration.

OPC Alarm & Event server shortcut icon.

Redundant Environments

The OPC Alarm and Event Server should be run on a third computer in a redundant environment. The OPC server will then fail over correctly

Note: If you try to configure an OPC Alarm and Event Server on the primary and secondary computers, you will create a feedback loop that will fail.

DCOM Configuration

When you want the OPC Alarm and Event Clients to communicate with an off-node OPC Alarm and Event Server, configure the same DCOM configuration for the OPC Alarm and Event Server and OPCEnum as you do for the CIMPLICITY OPC Server.

OPC Alarm & Event Server Shortcut Icon

You can place a shortcut ic...to open the OPC Alarm & Event server.

When the OPC Alarm & Event server opens it:

Reads project configuration at startup and populates the server configuration database.

Sets its status to OPCAE_STATUS_NOCONFIG until all configuration information is processed.

Sets the status to OPCAE_STATUS_RUNNING when it is ready.

Updates its configuration as projects are added and removed and in addition processes dynamic configuration notifications from the projects to keep its own configuration database up-to-date.

Important: A&E OPC Clients should not use the A&E OPC Server while the status is OPCAE_STATUS_NOCONFIG.

Make sure the server status is OPCAE_STATUS_RUNNING before attempting to set a filter.

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