GagePort Mitutoyo OPC Server Features

OPC Data Access V2.0 compliant, out-of-process server.

Browsing is supported for OPC clients that can browse hierarchically.

Extensive diagnostic tools for troubleshooting client / server connections.

Direct support for GagePort Mitutoyo, FlexPort, and MIG2 gage hubs with any number of hub ports. The values read from these devices are delivered to the OPC client as floating point (VT_R4) values.

Support for any simple serial device (such as bar code readers) with a variety of message formats. In addition to CR, LF, and CRLF terminators, the OPC server can be configured to handle messages with no terminator where the message length is fixed and no terminator where the length is variable. Finally, a custom sequence of characters can be defined to describe how the message terminates. This 'Custom' terminator can also be used to define characters at the end of the message that should be ignored. Any number of characters at the beginning of the message can also be ignored. The resulting value is sent to the OPC client as a VT_BSTR (String).

Serial port configuration is stored in native XML file format. The Doc/View model provides traditional File>New, File>Open, File>Save, and File>Save A' functionality, so XML configuration files can be saved anywhere with any name. When the user saves a configuration, they are prompted (Yes or No) whether to use the saved file when the server is started by an OPC client.

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