About the GagePort Mitutoyo OPC Server

The GagePort Mitutoyo OPC Server is as an out-of-process server compliant with the OPC Data Access V2.0 specification. The OPC Server allows OPC clients to read and subscribe to changes of GagePort Mitutoyo, FlexPort, and MIG2 gauge hub devices tied to the local serial ports. It also supports many simple serial devices (such as bar code readers) tied directly to the local serial ports.

The GagePort Mitutoyo OPC server is installed on the node that has the Mitutoyo devices connected to its local serial ports.

The following diagram illustrates the GagePort Mitutoyo OPC Server interacting with physical devices through the node's local serial ports. The OPC server must always run on the same computer node where the physical devices are attached. However, the OPC client application can be located on the same node or on another node visible through a network. The ability to distribute OPC clients and servers across multiple platforms is one of the key benefits of COM/DCOM technology.

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