File Menu

The OPC Server window File menu has the following selections:




This option clears the current serial port configuration and closes the current configuration file if one is loaded. The title bar will reflect an Untitled configuration. Note that a default configuration is loaded on File > New; this is not an empty configuration. The default configuration defines a Simple serial device on COM1. This explains the last item in the last screen shot.


This option provides a traditional File > Open dialog box. Note that the GagePort Mitutoyo OPC Server uses XML files as its native configuration file type. With this option, you can open a serial port configuration file, which was previously defined and saved.


This option saves the current serial port configuration file to disk. If no configuration file is currently loaded, this option acts the same as the Save-As option.

Save As…

This option provides a traditional File-Save As dialog box. Navigate to the folder where you wish to store the configuration file, then enter a name for the file. There is no need to enter the file's extension. An .xml extension will be appended to the name you enter.


Note: Both the Save and Save As options prompt to ask if the configuration being saved should be the configuration loaded when the OPC server is launched by an OPC client…

Important: It is very important that Yes is selected at least once before the server is launched by an OPC client. Selecting Yes causes the OPC server to store the path to this file in the registry. The server then uses this configuration file when it is launched by an OPC client. If no startup file has been stored in the registry, then the default configuration will be used. This is most likely not the desired result.



The most recently used files appear next on the File menu. This is a short list of configuration files that have most recently been opened.


Terminates the GagePort Mitutoyo OPC Server. If configuration has been modified, but not saved, the user is notified and given the option to save the configuration.

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