1. Display the OPC Server Window

CIMPLICITY projects do not need to be running to work with the CIMPLICITY OPC Server. The OPC Server will start the router even if no projects are running.

  1. Click Start on the Windows task bar.

  2. Select (All) Programs>Proficy HMI SCADA - CIMPLICITY version>OPC Server.

Result: The CIMPLICITY OPC Server window opens.

When the OPC Server is opened, projects and user names that the OPC Server found in the Windows Registry and wrote to CimOPCServer.xml are listed.

If no projects were found one entry, STATISTICS, displays in the OPC Server left pane

The STATISTICS project:

Is an internal project

Is always available.

Displays some statistic information about the OPC Server, e.g. how many clients are attached.

Cannot be removed.

The STATISTICS project name space is always showing to browsers.

Caution: The project name STATISTICS is reserved for the OPC Server. Make sure no other project has that name in order to avoid problems with the OPC Server operation.



The title bar identifies the CIMPLICITY OPC Server.


Documentation is available through the Help menu and the Contents button or Topics button .


Options to display or hide the OPC Server window toolbar and/or Status bar are on the View menu.

More information

CIMPLICITY OPC Server interactive window.