OPC Server Data Storage

Important: Open the OPC Server window at least one time before allowing clients to attach to the OPC Server.

Because of a change in how OPC Server data is stored beginning with CIMPLICITY 7.0, opening the OPC Server enables you to determine if legacy project/log in data was read from the Registry or if you need to add projects to the OPC Server configuration.

By opening the OPC Server at least one time, you are either:

Enabling the OPC Server to perform a configuration upgrade, provided there is registry based configuration from a previous OPC server version.

Doing a  first time configuration, if no registry configuration was found.

  1. OPC Server information is stored, as follows.


OPC Server Information is Stored in:

7.0 and higher

An XML file:

Named CimOPCServer.xml.

Located in the $bsm_root\data directory.

The default location is c:\Program Files\GE Fanuc\Proficy CIMPLICITY\data.

Lower than 7.0

The computer Registry.

  1. When the CIMPLICITY 7.0 and higher OPC Server is started for the first time the OPC Server:

  1. Searches the Registry for configuration data from an OPC Server in CIMPLICITY versions that are lower than 7.0.

  2. Does the following based on whether or not it finds data in the Registry.

Data in the Registry is:

The OPC Server


  1. Reads the Registry configuration.

  2. Saves the configuration in the XML file.

Not Found

Creates a default XML configuration file.

  1. Once the XML file is successfully saved, any configuration data found in the registry will be removed.

More information

About the CIMPLICITY OPC Server.