1. OPC Server Diagnostic Tools

The CIMPLICITY OPC Server provides troubleshooting tools to help a user diagnose specific aspects of a conversation between an OPC client and a point in the CIMPLICITY runtime database. There are three tools provided with the OPC server. Use of the tool outputs are discussed in this section. A fourth tool, the CIMPLICITY OPC Server data cache dump is intended for providing detailed diagnostic information for technical support personnel. It is not described here.

Diagnostic information illustrated.

Diagnostic tool options.

Diagnostic Information Illustrated

Diagnostic information generated by each tool is illustrated as follows. The output from each tool and how to use it is described in the following sections.


Use runtime statistics to monitor through put problems.


Use CIMPLICITY project connection logging to diagnose problems between a CIMPLICITY project and the CIMPLICITY OPC Server.


Use OPC connection logging to diagnose problems between the CIMPLICITY OPC Server and OPC Clients.

Diagnostic Tool Options

Option 1

Set up OPC Connection Trace Logging

Option 2

Examine CIMPLICITY Project Connection Logging

Option 3

Use Runtime Statistics

More information

Troubleshoot OPC connections.