5.3. Use Quick Watch

When the debugger has control , you can use the Quick Watch window to do a quick check of a variable value, without adding the variable to the Watch list .

  1. Select the variable whose value you want to quickly check.

  2. Do one of the following.


Click Debug>QuickWatch on the Program Editor menu bar.


Press Alt+D+Q on the keyboard.

The QuickWatch window opens displaying the value for the selected variable.

  1. (Optional) Evaluate another variable.

  1. Enter the variable in the Variable field.

  2. Click Evaluate.

The variable is evaluated; if it has a known value, the value displays in the evaluation box.

  1. Click Close.

Result:  The QuickWatch window closes; you can continue debugging the script.

Note: You must close the QuickWatch window in order to return to the script window.

More information

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