1.1. Add Points Using the Select a Point Browser

  1. Do one of the following:

Method 1

  1. Click Edit on the Point Control Panel menu bar.

  2. Select Add Points.

Method 2

Click the Add Point button on the Point Control Panel toolbar.

Method 3

Press Ctrl+A on the keyboard.

Method 4

  1. Right-click a point that displays in the Point Control Panel.

  2. Select Add Points… from the popup menu.

The Select a Point Browser displays when you use any method. If more than one project is running, the  that the project that was selected for connection when the Point Control Panel was opened displays in the Project field.

You can do any of the following to change the project selected for point browsing.

Select any running project in the drop-down list that grants you privileges to browse.

Enter any of the following.

Project name

Server name

IP address

Cluster name

Cluster IP address

Important: If cabling redundancy is configured on a server and you attempt to connect by cluster name or IP address, the connection will fail.

  1. Select the Point IDs you want to display for the selected running project.

  1. Click OK.

Result: The points appear in the Point Control Panel displaying their runtime values, units and timestamp. If a point is in an alarm condition, its text displays in the color associated with the alarm level.

More information

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