About Points

Point configuration can be divided in the following categories

Device point only configuration.

Virtual point only configuration.

Device and virtual point configuration.

Point technical reference.

CIMPLICITY collects or calculates point data that it distributes to:

CimView screens that are configured in CimEdit

Alarm Viewer screens

Alarm printers

Logging tables

Other CIMPLICITY software options

The Workbench provides the following icons to access Point configuration components in addition to the Point Properties dialog box.

Note: Click a Point icon to display related documentation.

The collection and distribution of point data is handled by the Point Management subsystem. Point Management's primary functions are to:

Update the point database as point values change.

Generate point alarms when limits are exceeded.

Make point data available to CIMPLICITY software applications.

Synthesize new point values by arithmetically combining other points.

More information

Open a Point Properties dialog box.