Step 3.1. Configure Base Point Engineering Units for a Point

Measurement unit configuration features.

Create a new measurement unit.

Label with no unit.


During runtime, the base engineering units for the point are automatically converted to the corresponding units in the active measurement system. No further point conversion takes place.

Deadbands and analog deadbands are configured they will not be converted via measurement units or otherwise.

There is no active measurement system, the base engineering units are used.

Measurement unit configuration features



Unit that is converted from the project's base measurement unit.



Opens the Select a Measurement Unit browser to select an available measurement unit.



Displays a Popup menu to:





A New Measurement Unit dialog box.

The Measurement Unit Properties dialog box for a selected unit.

The Select a Measurement Unit browser.

Select a recently used unit.



Displays when the measurement unit is listed.

Create a new measurement unit

  1. Click the Popup Menu button to the right of the Unit field.

  2. Select New.

The New Measurement dialog box opens.

  1. Enter a new measurement label in the Unit ID field.

  1. Click OK.

A Measurement Unit Properties dialog box opens.

  1. Enter the following.




Provides more information about the new measurement unit label.

Display label

Label that displays when the measurement unit is listed.

  1. Click Apply.

Result: The new unit and label display in Unit and Label fields and is added to the list of available units.

Label with no unit

Leave the base units for the point blank and enter your own label in the Label field.

Result: You can configure point enumeration for either a virtual or device point.

More information

Step 3. Select point conversions and enumeration.