Step 4.4.4. Specify an Alarm Conditions Deadband

When included in the alarm configuration, a deadband

Defines the tolerance for alarm conditions.

Cushions the generation of alarms when a point value fluctuates at an alarm limit.

When a point transitions from an alarm state into a warning state of the same type, the alarm status switches from Alarm to Warning only if the point value is more than the deadband away from the alarm limit.


A point has the following values.



VERY HIGH Alarm Limit


HIGH Alarm Limit




The point

Goes into the VERY HIGH alarm state when its value reaches 100.

Stays in the VERY HIGH alarm state until its value drops below 95.

Goes into HIGH alarm state when its value drops to 94.

If the point has Engineering Units (EU), the EU converted deadband is used for all calculations.

More information

Step 4.4. Configure the advanced alarm tab.