Option 2.2.3. Run a Project at High Priority

Run all processes at high priority.

Run a single process at high priority.

Run all processes at high priority

Running CIMPLICITY project processes at high priority prevents CIMPLICITY processes from being interrupted by lower priority user processes or configuration processes.

Check Run at high priority on the Options tab in the Project Properties dialog box.

Result: CIMPLICITY processes can focus on gathering data from the devices and processing it.


Checking Run at high priority will

Make the project processes run at a high priority, which can be verified in the task manager.

Configures a project global parameter called HIGH_PRIORITY which should be set to Y to enable the project to run at high priority.

For CIMPLICITY v. 5.0x

If you are still using CIMPLICITY 5.0x, you can change the processes behavior by setting the HIGH_PRIORITY global parameter.

Run a single process at high priority

A priority for a single process can be changed from Normal to High.

  1. Open a Command Prompt window through the Workbench.

  2. Type CD master

  3. Press Enter on the keyboard.

  4. Type idtpop node_logproc

  5. Press Enter.

  6. Type notepad node_logproc.idt

  7. Press Enter on the keyboard.

The node_logproc.idt file opens in Notepad.

  1. Change a process priority from 20 to 128.

  1. Close notepad.

  2. Type scpop node_logproc at the command prompt.

  3. Restart the project.

Result: If the global parameter is not set, only that process will run at a higher priority.

More information

Option 2.2. Set project options.