Option 2.2. Set Project Options

Project options defined

Security and priority expanded definitions

Project Options Defined

Project options are as follows.

Note: Check the check boxes for the options you want to enable.




Brief description of option setup.

Enable project broadcast

If Enable project broadcast is checked, a project description will be sent out in a project broadcast and picked up by the WebView XML Server.

Enables broadcast of the project name to all computers on the network.

When you broadcast the project name, users on other nodes that request point data can use the project name in fully qualified points. Otherwise, they can only use the node name in fully qualified points.

Important: Do not enable broadcasting for two projects with the same name.

Enable project multicast


Allows traffic sent once to be received and processed by multiple interested IP hosts, regardless of their location on an IP Inter-network.

A host listens for a specific IP multicast address and receives all packets sent to that IP address.

IP multicast is more efficient than IP unicast or project broadcast for one-to-many delivery of data.

Unlike unicast, only one copy of the data is sent.

Unlike broadcast, multicast traffic:

Is only received and processed by computers that are listening for it.

Can potentially go through routers, bridges, bridge routers across the LAN to some other network.

CIMPLICITY viewers will listen for both project Broadcast and Multicast.

The default Multicast address is

 Caution: When multicasting is checked to operate across a LAN, several network factors that are outside of CIMPLICITY must be configured correctly, e.g. the network router needs to be capable of and configured to allow multicast. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you consult the network administrator before selecting this option.

Note: If this is a redundant project then the Broadcast option will be selected and the user will not be able to select the Multicast option.

Use this IP address

(Enabled if either Enable project broadcast or multicast is checked)

The IP address that will be used in project broadcast/multicast can be entered in the Use this IP address field; this is used if you want to restrict the project announcements to only one IP address.

Note: The drop-down list contains IP addresses that are selected for use on the Network tab in the CIMPLICITY® Options dialog box. The field is writable; an IP address that is not in the list can be entered manually.

Computer name

Name of the computer that is to run on when the project is started.

Available computers are listed in the Computer name field's drop-down list.

For all installations, you may run the project on your computer.

Startup timeout

Number of minutes in the Startup timeout field that CIMPLICITY should wait for the project to start before it times out.

The default is 10 minutes.

Configuration security

Restricts user configuration access to any or all of CIMPLICITY's applications.

Start, stop project

Limits start, stop project capability to users with authorized roles.

Run at high priority

CIMPLICITY project processes can run at a high priority. This prevents CIMPLICITY processes from being interrupted by lower priority user processes or configuration processes.

As a result, CIMPLICITY processes can focus on gathering data from the devices and processing it.

Enable concurrent equipment port process startup

During full project starts, all device communication processes start, instead of waiting for any initiated device communication processes to complete their startup.

Security and priority expanded definitions

Option 2.2.1

Configuration security for  a project.

Option 2.2.2

Start, stop project security.

Option 2.2.3

Run a project at high priority.

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Step 2. Set project properties.