Manual Project Transfer Forced

In a normal state the primary server is the active server.

The active server controls all the processes in the project.

If the primary server loses contact with one device, but is still running and communicating with the secondary server, there is no automatic fail over.

Under these circumstances or, for whatever reasons you specify, you can manually force a fail over from the primary to the secondary server.

 To manually force a project transfer:

  1. Create a specific Boolean point with the same name as the device being monitored.

  2. Call the function:

failover_project ()

  1. Specify what actions should occur if the point changes from 1 to 0 through a Basic script.


Your primary server is connected to a PLC for a conveyor belt called CB_PLC and a CimView screen.

You have configured a global Boolean point called CB_PLC that:

Monitors the status of the device on the primary server

Is on standby on the secondary server

Alerts the system manager, if it changes from 1 to 0

The primary server loses connection with the CB_PLC device.

The system manager is alerted and fails over the entire project from the primary to the secondary server.

The secondary server takes over the primary server role.

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