Server Redundancy Principles of Operation Summary

 Important: A user must be logged on with administrative privileges when mapping the drive the slave will be running on. If the user does not have administrative privileges the project will not start on the slave.

In a normal state:

The primary is in control or is the active server.

The secondary is the standby server.

The primary keeps the secondary Alarm, Point and User information synchronized.

Viewers collect data from the primary computer.

When the primary fails:

The primary is off line.

The secondary becomes the active server.

Viewers collect data from the secondary computer.

When the project on the primary is restarted:

The primary obtains Alarm and User information from the secondary and automatically takes over these functions.

The secondary continues to provide and collect point data for the viewers and the primary for synchronization.

After a system manager resets the primary:

The primary collects point data and takes over point management as well as all other project functions.

The secondary returns to standby mode.

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