Computer Cabling Redundancy

You can use CIMPLICITY Computer Cabling Redundancy to create a redundant cabling configuration for your CIMPLICITY for Windows Servers and Viewers.

In a network with CIMPLICITY Computer Cabling Redundancy, you can have two types of computers; computers with single IP addresses and computers with dual IP addresses.

Computers with dual addresses–can continue to communicate with other computers with dual IP addresses even if one of the Ethernet network connections is lost.

A computer with a single IP address– can communicate with a computer with dual IP addresses. If the Ethernet connection that the computer with the single IP address is using is lost, then all communication to the dual IP address computer will be lost.

When a CIMPLICITY project detects that it is sending a message to a computer that has Computer Cabling Redundancy, the project sends duplicate messages to each IP address. CIMPLICITY software on the receiving computer processes the first message and deletes the second one.


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