Computer Cabling Redundancy Monitoring

The Computer Cabling Redundancy Monitoring API allows you to determine how the network connections at your site will be monitored. You can write BASIC scripts or C programs that can set points, generate alarms or pop up dialogs to inform the operator that a network connection has been lost. The following APIs are available:

The IP Status API can be used to monitor when a connection to an IP address has been lost or formed.

The Socket Status API provides more detail about each of the connections in use by CIMPLICITY.


IP Status API.

IP Status API functions.

The APIs are callable from any programming language that can call exported C functions from a DLL. This includes the CIMPLICITY BASIC Control Engine.

The functions reside in the redwinsock.dll DLL.

In the api\redundant_api directory under the CIMPLICITY root directory are two samples programs that demonstrate the APIs.

The BASIC script ip_status.bcl generates and resets alarms as IP connections are lost or formed.

The C program sock_status.cpp will print out the status information for all the sockets currently in use.

In addition, a compiled version of the sock_status.cpp program is in the exe directory.


Socket Status API.

Socket Status API Functions.

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