4.3. Multiple NIC's on the Server

If you are trying to connect to the Server by IP address and the Server has multiple NIC (network) cards, make sure that you are trying to access an IP address that is being used

Select the IP addresses to be used.

  1. Click Start on the Windows task bar.

  2. Select
    (All) Programs>Proficy HMI SCADA - CIMPLICITY version>CIMPLICITY Options .

The CIMPLICITY Options dialog box opens.

If the computer has more than one NIC, a Network tab will display.

  1. Select the Network tab.

  2. Select/check the IP addresses that should be/are available.

Verify that the card for the Viewer’s network is the top card in the TCP/IP stack configuration. This will allow better communications over the Viewer-Server network.

Use Network Connections features in the Windows Control Panel.

Consult Microsoft documentation for details.

Note: If both NIC cards are in what would normally be considered a class A (001.y.z.w to 126.y.z.w) or Class B network (128.y.z.w to 191.y.z.w) it is possible that the network class will supersede the subnet mask. In this case, It may be advisable to try a 10.y.z.w network on the internal, non-exposed, NIC card.

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