SNP and SNPX Performance Comparison

For point-to-point communication, the SNPX protocol is 5 to 10 percent faster than SNP protocol if the average packet size is greater than 100 bytes. The difference becomes smaller when the average packet size get bigger.

The SNPX protocol is 5 or even 10 times faster than the SNP protocol in multi-drop communications.

In multi-drop communications, the SNPX protocol supports broadcast-attach which makes the SNPX device communications option attach to all the PLCs at the same time. After attaching to all the PLCs, the SNPX device communications option can send a request to any PLC in the network without re-attaching to it.

Currently, it takes approximately 0.6 second for the SNP communications option to attach to a PLC each time the communications option sends a data request.

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