SNPX Hardware Configuration Requirements

SNPX supports communications with Series 90-30 controllers that support the SNPX protocol on one or more serial ports. These include Series 90-30 Models 301, 311, 313, 323, 331, 341, 35x Series, and 36x Series CPUs and with a CPU firmware revision of 6.5 or higher. VersaMax CPUs with serial ports that can be configured for use with the SNPX protocol are also supported.

Proficy Machine Edition is required as the programming software. Version 3.50 or higher version of Logicmaster 90-30 Software Package Programmer and Configurator. This is optional if a Hand-Held Programmer for Series 90-30 and 90-20 Programmable Controllers is available. The Hand-Held Programmer may be used to configure the CMM. VersaPro V2.02 and higher may also be used.

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