Step 4.2. Specify an Attribute's General Characteristics

Begin configuring a new attribute by defining its general characteristics in the General tab of the Attributes Quality Characteristics Properties dialog box.

  1. Select the General tab.

  2. Check Active box to activate data collection for the attribute; clear box to disable option. The Document and Product must also be active for collection.

  3. Enter a Description for the attribute that will be displayed in the directory.

  4. Select from among p, nP, c and u chart sets from the Calculation type drop-down list.

  5. Indicate the floating-Point in the Setpoint ID field, if you want to use the current p, nP, c or u values elsewhere in your project, or download them to a device, as follows:

Click to browse for an existing Point in the Select a Point dialog box, or

Click to designate a New Point.

 Note: Of the four available chart types, only one can be configured for a single product at a time. A maximum of four charts can be configured per product.

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Step 4. Add and configure attribute quality characteristics.