Step 4. Add and Configure Attribute Quality Characteristics

In additional to defining variable quality characteristics, you now have the option of the defining attribute quality characteristics for your product. SPC uses information that you enter in the Attribute Quality Characteristics Properties dialog box to configure in detail p, nP, c and u chart sets.

Use the Attribute Quality Characteristics Properties dialog box to create and define characteristics as follows:



General characteristics

Including the name of the characteristic; whether or not data is to be collected for the attribute; whether you want to use a p, nP, C or U chart set.

Collection characteristics

Specifies the data collection method.


Sets control and specification limits.


Indicates alarming and control tests to be performed on the data.

 Caution: If you enter specific values during configuration and an inconsistency is detected, SPC will display an error message. You cannot save the configured data until the error is corrected.

 Note: If you use Points for general characteristics on limits rather than specific values, SPC will alert the user when the values become specific at runtime. If SPC detects configuration inconsistencies, it will display an $SPC_ADMIN _ALARM in the Alarm Viewer.

Step 4.1

Add a new attribute quality characteristic.

Step 4.2

Specify an attribute's general characteristics.

Step 4.3

Define an attribute's collection characteristics.

Step 4.4

Set limits for attribute quality characteristics.

Step 4.5

Set alarms for attribute quality characteristics.

Step 4.6

Set criteria for attribute control tests.

More information

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