Test Program Applications Examples

Ensure that the port, parity, baud, PLC type, and network address are specified on the command line, if different that the default.


sd_test.exe –TCOM1 –B4800 –PC423

Selects the COM1 port, sets the baud rate to 4800 and selects the 423 programmable controller type.

sd_test.exe –B2400 –NA100.077

Sets the baud rate to 2400 and the network address to 100.077

Use the WM, RM, or LR commands to write or read to specified register (memory) locations.


sd_test.exe –RM1,8000

Initiates a memory dump of a Series 600 PLC.

sd_test.exe –WM18,3981,0

Writes zeroes in locations 18 through 3981 of a Series 400 PLC.

sd_test.exe –RM1011

Reads memory location 1011 in the PLC.

sd_test.exe –LR3999

Executes a loop and read 100 times on location 3999 in the PLC.

Use the PCB, PRB, and PS commands for additional diagnostic information.


sd_test.exe –PRB –PCB

Prints the command and receive messages of specified operation

sd_test.exe – PS

Prints statistics pertaining to the specified operation

Use DI to verify or ascertain PLC type and memory size recognition.


sd_test.exe –PC500 –DI

Prints the device information for a Series 500 PLC.

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