Square D SY/MAX Test Program

A stand-alone test program, sd_test.exe, is provided. This program provides direct communication between CIMPLICITY software and a SY/NET Network Interface Module, or between the CIMPLICITY software and a Programmable Logic Controller.

The test program can be used to:

Verify port, network, and interface unit communication parameters.

Verify line, network, and hardware functionality and operability.

Directly access (for reading or writing) a specific PLC register location.

Dump or clear some or all of the PLC user registers.

Examine the send and receive message buffer content.

Collect transmission statistics of the current configuration.

Verify device information response.

You cannot use the test program while the CIMPLICITY Square D Communications enabler is running.

If the protocol for Square D is copyrighted or declared to be trademark or proprietary, or there are very restrictive conditions on copying the manual, obtain written permission from Square D to display the command or response buffers in the test program.

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