Communications Enabler Overview

Communications Enabler Visual representation.

Custom Communication Enabler overview.

Communications Enabler Visual Representation

The following illustration shows you how a custom communication enabler is integrated into the standard CIMPLICITY software environment.

Custom Communication Enabler Overview

  1. Build Custom Communication Enablers

  1. Determine the functions to be supported.

  2. Determine the device models to be supported and the memory locations to be made accessible for each device-supported model.

  3. Write specialized routines for each supported function.

  4. Use the build procedures provided by the Device Communications Toolkit to compile the specialized routines and create an executable.

  1. Create Configuration

Before you can run the executable, you must create configuration files that identify:

The name of the executable

The port(s) the enabler can use

The device model(s) the enabler will support

The memory locations the enabler will support for each supported model (optional)

  1. Execute the Customized Communications Enabler

After you create the executable and configuration files and place them in the appropriate locations, you may configure the enabler in CIMPLICITY software and run it.

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